Choose your future

What does it mean?

A plant-based diet is one of the most sustainable forms of food production, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by a whole lot compared to an animal-based diet.

CO2 emission per kg of food product


Eating is like voting three times a day. Choose the world you want to live in!

Our lovestory
with almonds

  • We fell in love with almonds because their taste, texture, colour is perfect to create our our plant-based yumminess! We source them from the beautiful fields of Italy and Spain, where almonds are part of local history and terroir is perfect to deliver the highest quality.

    Also, by sourcing locally, we reduce CO2 emissions of our operations. This is something that we are really proud of!

    Last but not least, we love almonds’ great nutrients: antioxidants, vitamin E, unsaturated fats. And this is not all: our fermentation process will further elevate their taste, texture and nutritional profile!

Why have we decided to become a benefit corporation?

We want to build our company with a positive social impact, beginning from day one of this startup.

In this way we will create value for all our stakeholders: from our employees till our communities and the planet.

Turnover for sure is important, but isn’t it amazing if, at the same time, we also generate something better for the community?